Serving Freemasons in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Surrey and Farnham

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  • One of the oldest thriving lodges in Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Surrey and South of England 
  • 125 Years old and more than 750 regular meetings
  • Meet at Farnham Masonic Centre, Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey
  • Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Lodge
  • Active social calendar for Freemasons and their families
  • Best Freemasons Ladies Night in Hampshire and Isle of Wight and Surrey Provinces
  • Probably the best new masons mentor in Surrey and Hampshire and Isle of Wight provinces
  • Widely regarded as some of the best Freemasonry ritualists in Hampshire, Surrey and Farnham
  • Most importantly our Brethren are friendly, knowledgeable and support and encourage new members as equals
  • All ceremonies are single candidate to keep it special for YOU

At Border we believe every moment of your masonic journey should be special for YOU. Your first celebration in Freemasonry will be the 'First Degree or Ceremony of Initiation' which is very special, can only happen once and the memory will remain with you forever. To keep that ceremony special for YOU, and you ONLY, we 'initiate' one candidate on one night as opposed to some lodges that initiate multiple candidates together.

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The Newest Member of Border Lodge No.2475

On Tuesday 12th November we welcomed Mr Ben Shrubshall (centre) into our ranks, seen here being congratulated by Campbell, our Worshipful Master, and watched by Stephen, the Past Master who conducted the ceremony.

Ben, 24, is a manager at Lidl in Farnham and as you can see a supporter of Movember.

Thanks to all members of Border Lodge, especially Mike our Junior Deacon who did a great job on the night, for making Ben's Ceremony of Initiation such a special event.

Birthday Time at Border Lodge No.2475

Tuesday 12th November was a busy evening in the Farnham Masonic Centre as Border Lodge welcomed a new member, performed a Ceremony of Initiation, and afterwards at the festive board celebrated both our new member joining the masonic family, and the birthdays of two of our most decorated and respected members.

Mike, left, celebrated 80 yrs and Rob, right, 61 yrs. Both are huge contributors to the success of our lodge and we wish them many more happy birthdays at Border Lodge. They are being congratulated by the Worshipful Master, Campbell.


On the 4th June, at Farnborough Masonic Centre, lodges from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Province presented cheques to many local charities with the total almost reaching £29,000.

The picture shows the then Worshipful Master of Border 2475 (right), presenting a cheque for £1000 to Cystic Fibrosis Care at Frimley Park.

Our Meetings:

We are a lodge in the province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight that meets at the Farnham Masonic Centre in Surrey.


Our masonic meetings take place every second Tuesday in the months of October, November, December, February, March and April

There is ample parking nearby.

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